Wednesday, August 31, 2011

She healed me with her antidote

31 August 2011, 8:43pm: Last night was a nightmare for me. But today, it's getting better. I feel relieved and good! I just cannot live without you girl. Can you imagine, a drug addict living without drug. Can he live like a normal people? Yes he can, but his mind would think of drug everyday and everynight. You know you are my drug but way better than drugs. My heart was broken since last night but today you just healed me with your antidote. Thank you.

From the bottom of my heart, i swear you are the only girl i loved in 2009, today, and forever. I don't mind if i have to wasted my money on you, i don't mind if i have to wasted my life with you, i don't mind. 

I am not just saying, but i am sincere to my words. If you need me to prove it, i will prove it to you.

Friend, doesn't mean we are over

31 August 2011, was the worse raya night i have ever had. The love is now gone on that night. I felt extremely sad and depressed. I cannot sleep that night and i think of you everytime my heart beats. When you said we are now friend, i'm still holding this love. I have to accept your decision. 

Though we are just a friend, i am still going to Bangkok because it has been written in my life directions note. You just cannot change me. I will fullfill all the promises i made, i swear.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Xbox 360 saya telah dijual

Xbox telah dijual. Sayang betul xbox ni. Tapi saya amat perlukan duit, saya terpaksa jual. Duit adalah kunci kepada segala kemahuan saya. Saya telah menulis senarai arah tuju ataupun "life directions". Arah tuju ini telah tercipta sejak saya dan GF saya bercinta. Arah tuju hidup saya.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Betrayed for the first time

This is what i wrote to her best friend. I just need to talk to someone and the reason why i wrote her this is because she is my girlfriend best friend. Her name is Bie. This is what i wrote and sent via facebook message.

Hey. i just feel i need to tell you this.
Bie, me and patchy didn't go really well now. Last night, she told me she flirted a guy. The guy is a part time worker at her workplace. She told me, she started it first. Now, how do you feel if you were me. of course you will feel betrayed right. I have never betrayed her before, because i always keep telling myself, my heart is taken and i cannot divided my love into two.

i have no idea why she did this to me. Just so you know i have been working in the factory because of her. i push myself to work there to earn extra money, and i had to work 12 hours everyday and everynight (night shift). My feet were shaking everytime i work because we cannot sit, we have to work standing all the time for 12 hours. Since i know patchy, i have been pushing myself to the next level. I did gave a present to her (a huge teddy bear) ( i didn't tell her about the present because i want to make a surprise.)

it cost me bloddy expensive, but i just do not care about the price. It cost me half of my advance salary. I sent via post express in a parcel/box and it cost me expensive too.
Here is what i wrote in my blog.
The bear cost me almost Rm100 or in bath it would be around 1000 BTH

i am serious about this relationship and planning to meet her next year. But if she betrayed me, i'm still going to thailand because i had promised to her. I remember every promised i made, and i will fullfill all the promises even though if she is not my GF anymore.

i'm just a guy with bad looks.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Patchy Cartoon Version (it looks like you)

i have no idea how i got the idea and imagination to draw your cartoon version. it was dark because there was no electricity, only a candle.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Things to know about my GF

She said in her twitter:

 I played violin when I was around 16. The violin is now given to my uncle who is a pianist.

I look terribly bad without makeup on. I need to apply black mascara and black eyeliner everyday.

 I cannot swim.

40 is my shoes size.

When I was 12, I always spent most of my time at library.

After turning 14, all of my love about books was disappeared because I had a first boyfriend.

I love bracelets.

 Among 300 students, I was ranked as number three as the most smartest student ranking in final year in university.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I send "Lucky" to my girlfriend

18 August 2011, absent from work today. I lied to the doctor to get absent letter from the clinic. what a plan. I did because of her. I want to send "Lucky" as fast as possible. 

I want Lucky to watch over you since you are lonely. 
p/s: i went to the post office just now, it cost Rm35.90 (international parcel). And since Lucky is a big bear, no wonder it cost me bloddy expensive just for the parcel post. Thank goodness Lucky is not heavy weight. lol