Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Betrayed for the first time

This is what i wrote to her best friend. I just need to talk to someone and the reason why i wrote her this is because she is my girlfriend best friend. Her name is Bie. This is what i wrote and sent via facebook message.

Hey. i just feel i need to tell you this.
Bie, me and patchy didn't go really well now. Last night, she told me she flirted a guy. The guy is a part time worker at her workplace. She told me, she started it first. Now, how do you feel if you were me. of course you will feel betrayed right. I have never betrayed her before, because i always keep telling myself, my heart is taken and i cannot divided my love into two.

i have no idea why she did this to me. Just so you know i have been working in the factory because of her. i push myself to work there to earn extra money, and i had to work 12 hours everyday and everynight (night shift). My feet were shaking everytime i work because we cannot sit, we have to work standing all the time for 12 hours. Since i know patchy, i have been pushing myself to the next level. I did gave a present to her (a huge teddy bear) ( i didn't tell her about the present because i want to make a surprise.)

it cost me bloddy expensive, but i just do not care about the price. It cost me half of my advance salary. I sent via post express in a parcel/box and it cost me expensive too.
Here is what i wrote in my blog.
The bear cost me almost Rm100 or in bath it would be around 1000 BTH

i am serious about this relationship and planning to meet her next year. But if she betrayed me, i'm still going to thailand because i had promised to her. I remember every promised i made, and i will fullfill all the promises even though if she is not my GF anymore.

i'm just a guy with bad looks.



  1. I'm sorry for you Van. Sedih la baca entri ni :'( kuatkn semangat k kwn.

  2. van.

    first of all, im not that good at love but i think i have to remind u this.

    i can see that u are deeply in love with this girl. somehow, u have to put limit to yourself so that u wont be an option to her when u put her as your priority. love her all u want but never ever be a slave to love.

    about u being cheated, u should be feeling happy because at least she's telling u the truth and not keeping it away AND will not do it again. she knows where she belongs, right?

  3. thank you. i just love this girl. Nothing can stop me from loving her.