Thursday, September 22, 2011

Broken heart

22 September 2011: I felt worse. I cannot sleep last night and only sleep 2 hours in the morning at 9am to 11am. I took sleeping pills, it didn't really help me to sleep. I cannot stop thinking about this girl. I even dreamed about her, i dreamed she touched my shoulder and cheered me up.

If she love other guy, i wouldn't mind. I will be there for her when time comes. Just so you know i cannot let her heart go. I can be patient while she is having fun with other guy. I just have to train myself from now. 

When time comes, i will go there and stalk her in person. She is my obsession, i will never stop. Maybe it is my fate to be her stalker. I would probably be single for the rest of my life. You are the sweetest girl from my own perspective.

P/s: It is easy to break men's heart, but just so you know, real men never give up.

1 comment:

  1. Dear..
    Sabar k..ape yg terjadi ad sbb nyer,ade rahmat nyer. Awk jgn buat bnde bkn2 ok,awk kne rehat,tenangkn fikiran,bru bleh pkir ape yg prlu awk lkukan... mgkin fkiran awk bercelaru,lg2 awk x tdow relex n rest ok~~