Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dear Princess

17 September 2011: I had learned so many things about your feelings. Once i make a mistake, i will never forget it. I will learn from that, and improve myself to be more understanding toward your feelings. I am sorry i said something wrong to you. Maybe sorry is not enough. :(
You don't need to feel down or depressed, because when it happens, it makes me worried and today, i supposed to go out to the town around 3pm, but i didn't because i was to worried and i felt down. Patchy, you are the only girl that can teach me what is love, but you can also make me feel down sometimes. That is why i don't want you to be depressed dear, because i will feel bad too. This is true.

Oh, remember that night, when you got home late because you said it was raining and flood. You and your friends were searching to find a restaurant to eat there, and your phone was dead. I did call you like more than 10 times but did not reach you, and i sent you like 7-8 sms. But it was wrong number, now i know i saved a wrong digit in my other simcard. I thought you did read all the sms, but no, i failed. Stupid sim card.
I was so worried that night, and my mom asked me why i look upset. I lost my appetite until you came back and said you're home.

Princess, you just need some time to rest. 

P/s:  Patchy, put your hand on my chest and feel the heart beats.

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