Sunday, September 11, 2011

She and the Lucky bear

Cannot describe anything but only one word that is Beautiful.

You made me think about you everyday and everynight. You made me sold my Xbox haha. It's okay :D
I haven't play that for a while, so it's okay to sell it. I will buy a new xbox console probably a new version with wifi built in later. The money was saved into my account, i might need to use it someday and I will buy a blackberry soon. 

Oh... on monday,  i will start working in a bakery shop. Hmm.. i have never working in a bakery shop or making a bread lol. But this will be my new experience. I hope i will be just fine, and the salary is pretty cheap and i hope they would raise my salary soon, hopefully.

I will do the best here for you hehehe... :D

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