Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Waiting and no hope - 7 Eleven

It has been two days now, they didn't call me. They called me last sunday and tell me to come for the interview on monday. I did come and they said they will call me two days after that. So, here i am, two days already but still no job for me. Does this mean i am rejected? 

My mood is bad right now, really bad. I'm sick of this. 

I will go out again tomorrow, look for another job i guess, or probably go to the 7 Eleven and burn the shop.


  1. aku pun pernah apply 7elevan gak..sama mcm ni la..kata perlukan org..tup..tup..sebulan lepas tu baru diorg call..hampeh btol..aku dah ada plan lain dah...

  2. Kalau tak dapat pun, call la kita cakap kena reject. -_-