Thursday, September 22, 2011

Words are not enough

I have known this. All my words are just words they are not actions. How the hell am i going to do the actions? Oh yes i have sent you the present and letters for you. But they are just things, they are not the real me. How can i be there like now? Oh Patchy, if i can fly now, i will go there right now, but i cannot fly. I need plane or train to get there, and you know i need money for that. 

Wait for me sweetheart. If you cannot wait, i am still going there just to see you princess. You are special to me, i cannot stop loving you. If you need actions, i will prove it when i get there.

My dear Patchy, when i wrote this blog, you said you want to cry. Please do not cry, i know i am not perfect like your ex, and i can understand that why. 

I remember all the promises i made, i will fullfill them i swear to God. Yes these are just words, but when i said i swear to God it means i promise to God and if i fail to fullfill it, i will be punish in the afterlife.

Loving you is like climbing a mountain with big rocks, it takes a while until i can reach you. It is hard, it is tough, but i'm willing to do this. I need money to get a plane or train tickets, and need extra money to live there for a week. 

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