Monday, October 31, 2011

How to make a donation to Thailand flood victims (Maybank Malaysia)

This is How:

Account Name: Tabung Bencana Media Prima
Account Number: 514105320757

Menderma itu satu amalan yang mulia.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Flood in Thailand 28/10/2011

28 October 2011: Updates from my GF. The flood water increased, i am worried. 

To Thai people, please stay calm, Thai Government are doing their best. For those people who are willing to help them, you can make a donation to:

How to make a donation to Thailand flood victims

Prime Minister's Office
Bank: Krung Thai Bank, Government House sub-branch
Account Name: PM's Office's Relief Fund for Flood Victims
Account Number: 067-0-06895-0

The Thai Red Cross Society
Bank: Siam Commercial Bank, Thai Red Cross Society branch
Account Number: 045-3-04190-6
Fax deposite slip to: 02-250-0120

Rajaprajanugroh Foundation
Bank: Siam Commercial Bank, Palace's Office sub-branch (Sanam Sua Pa)
Account Name: Rajaprachanugrah Foundation
Account Number: 401-636319-9
Bank: TMB Bank
Account Name: Rajaprachanugroh Foundation, Sanam Sua Pa branch
Account Number: 046-2-44777-2
Fax deposit slip to: 02-281-1423

Public Health Ministry
Bank: Siam Commercial Bank
Account Name: Public Health Ministry for Flood Victims
Account Number: 340-2-11600-7

For more information, call 02-590-7104-5, 02-590-7196

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The flood in her house is getting worse

27 October 2011: Worse mood, worse flood, worse situation. That's her. I feel bad too when i know this. I have seen the photos, it is bad. See her photos below:


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I pray for thailand

25 October 2011, 11.02pm. My girlfriend said that the flood is getting worse. This is hard for her and for me because i am worried. I hope Thailand will learn something from this disaster. They should make more drainage or water tunnel. The government should do something to protect the thai people. 

Brothers and sisters, please pray for Thailand. We hope that the flood will recede soon (as fast as possible).
I pray for Thailand.

A beautiful shot from Patchy, her photo. I hope it will sunny there. Ask the Sun.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Nothing to worry about my health

16 October 2011, 1.13pm: I am home from hospital. My heart is fine, everything is under control. Yesterday i was kinda worried about my health. I kept thinking about death and i know i'm not ready for that. But the truth is i'm a healthy man, so i'm not going to die. Today I had learned that life is so precious and i will appreciate everything that i do in life, every good things i do. 

Thanks to the doctor, he said i'm a healthy man.

I want to be a better person, i know i cannot be perfect but at least i'm trying. 
To be good to someone that i adore so much, Patchy is a girl that changed my life and painted my wall of life.

MCs i got from a hospital today. Tomorrow i will start working, only today i can rest

The illness

16 October 2011: Three days already but i still feel the pain in my lungs (chest), i don't know i'm not a doctor but i can tell because i felt the pain somewhere in that area. Sometimes i felt like hard to breathe. 

I only ask one from God. Please let me live, but if YOU insist, YOU can take my life but after i fullfill my life directions and things that i want to do in this world. I need to live longer please cure my pain and the illness.

I have no idea what is happening to me, but i used to felt the same pain when i was a young teen. Whoever read this blog post, please do not worry, because i will live. I believe this is only a test. I will always pray for my illness to heal and disappear.

Yesterday i got two days MCs from the clinic. Today i will go to the hospital.

Friday, October 14, 2011

I don't mind, i only care about her

I have been tortured, she killed my soul many times. It felt like i was empty inside, but my head was thinking about her.

I do not mind of getting hurt, i only care about her. She felt the same when she were broken. She don't deserve to be hurt. No hurt no more Sweetheart.
Smile Patchy :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Going to work there for long

10 October 2011: Tired but the work is not that bad, i mean... i can sit when i need to. So it is not that bad. So i'm going to work there for long until i get the librarian job. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011


9 October 2011: Yesterday was the wedding day. I'm happy to see her happy in the wedding. I am also glad her Ex did apologize to her, but i doubted him. 

History may repeat itself, her Ex BF left her. He can say anything to heal her heart. But do not easily trust to a guy, even he has been good to her before, but good itself is not enough. When it comes to a relationship, Loyalty is the main key here. 

Good looking and rich, surely finding a girl is Not a tough job for him.

P/s: It was not yesterday. I meant, a day before yesterday. Sorry, 
i realized this when i was home from work lol. I was rushing while typing this because i was late to work.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

4 Months, the Necklace and her Ex

6 October 2011: Yesterday, 5/10/2011 was our anniversary. It has been four months now, though we were down but she just cannot escape from me, and yes.. me too. I cannot lose her, i really cannot. She is the one i care so much. I know my followers and friends keep following my updates, thank you so much. 

Oh, a day before yesterday (i think), she has received my necklace i gave to her. I posted via mail. :)

Tomorrow, 7 october (friday) will be her friend's wedding day. She looks kinda unhappy because she might face her ex. Just imagine, this guy left her, and few months after that she will face that guy who broke her heart and almost make her fall in hell. How does it feel to meet the devil that played your heart like a card games?
P/s: Be strong girl.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Working in a shop

1 October 2011: A shop, groceries shop or convenience stores, whatever you call it. It sounds easy to work there. But the reality is it's kinda hard. Especially for guys, because we lifted boxes, small boxes to big boxes, light boxes to heavy boxes. I work there and it has been three days now. 

So far, it is tired but it's fine. I will take the extra working days just to receive extra income.