Thursday, October 6, 2011

4 Months, the Necklace and her Ex

6 October 2011: Yesterday, 5/10/2011 was our anniversary. It has been four months now, though we were down but she just cannot escape from me, and yes.. me too. I cannot lose her, i really cannot. She is the one i care so much. I know my followers and friends keep following my updates, thank you so much. 

Oh, a day before yesterday (i think), she has received my necklace i gave to her. I posted via mail. :)

Tomorrow, 7 october (friday) will be her friend's wedding day. She looks kinda unhappy because she might face her ex. Just imagine, this guy left her, and few months after that she will face that guy who broke her heart and almost make her fall in hell. How does it feel to meet the devil that played your heart like a card games?
P/s: Be strong girl.

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