Friday, November 4, 2011

Rearranged my life directions

When i got my salary i started to think that i cannot use this money to buy a new cellphone (blackberry) and a Dslr camera. Yesterday after thinking, i rearranged my life directions list. The first thing i want to do is saving all that money to the bank. That money i will use to go there and meet her. But If i get a new job with expensive salary, i would be happy and i would buy a blackberry and a Dslr camera. 

Talks about Dslr, i always wanted the camera since 2009. One of my ambition is to be a freelance photographer. But it's okay, i can wait and buy the camera later on. I also have few things i wanted to buy but i can wait. 

I called this sacrifice. 

Moderate life, parents never gave me a car or anything. Mom only gave me some money sometimes to buy food. My life starts from the bottom.

I have a diploma, i am an educated person but still it's hard to find a right job. I will get the right job but i just don't know when. 

P/s: My other things i want to buy in my life directions list like new shoes, clothes, and other things i rearranged it to bottom.

Fact: My life directions list was created for her.