Friday, November 4, 2011

Rearranged my life directions

When i got my salary i started to think that i cannot use this money to buy a new cellphone (blackberry) and a Dslr camera. Yesterday after thinking, i rearranged my life directions list. The first thing i want to do is saving all that money to the bank. That money i will use to go there and meet her. But If i get a new job with expensive salary, i would be happy and i would buy a blackberry and a Dslr camera. 

Talks about Dslr, i always wanted the camera since 2009. One of my ambition is to be a freelance photographer. But it's okay, i can wait and buy the camera later on. I also have few things i wanted to buy but i can wait. 

I called this sacrifice. 

Moderate life, parents never gave me a car or anything. Mom only gave me some money sometimes to buy food. My life starts from the bottom.

I have a diploma, i am an educated person but still it's hard to find a right job. I will get the right job but i just don't know when. 

P/s: My other things i want to buy in my life directions list like new shoes, clothes, and other things i rearranged it to bottom.

Fact: My life directions list was created for her.


  1. I think you really should stop talking about how miserable your job n life is. The more you talk about it, the worse it will get - simple law of attraction. Focus on the more positive things. Be grateful for things you already have. If you worked hard for things you want, but you still didn't get them WORK HARDER!

  2. You can see my video, about my stupid job. See my toes then you will know that i worked hard as hell.

  3. Hang duk gilakan sangat si Patchy, lepaih tu hang kata life hang teruk. Wei, bukak mata la wei. Ni la oghang kata kalau budak2 1st time bercinta. Tak pikir habih. Cakap macam oghang bodoh pun ada. Adoi hang ni.

  4. hang yang tak pernah kenal erti cinta.