Tuesday, February 28, 2012

She talked (via Skype)

Febuary 28, 2012: She talked and we talked random stuff starting from Febuary 26, 2012 and now. Finally "she broke the ice." I had a good time talking with her although sometimes my english sucks when i talk with my tired and sleepy head. The most cute part is when she didn't wear her make-up and it revealed her natural face.

I hope "nothing but the feeling" is enough to tell that you love me but still, i don't really think it means something to me. Just the feeling. The feeling can come and go easily. Hmm....

Friday, February 17, 2012

I dreamed about you

Febuary 17, 2012. Today in the morning, I dreamed, Patchy are about to take a taxi to go to the concert. I was there and i got in the taxi at the back seat with her. She looked moody and she wore a shirt, shorts and tights. 

I said to her, "why are you wearing tights to the concert? You should wear proper clothes, because anything can happen in that wild and crowded place". She did not say anything. She were quiet and looked away. I asked her again, "why tights?" My left hand touched her left lap and i asked her again. "Why tights? You said you will wear legging." She did not answer and looked at the window. I pinched her lap and asked her the same question. She did not say a word. 

I was there staring at her and my hand was on her lap as the taxi on its way to the concert.

After i woke up, it feels so real. Because for the first time, i can see her face and her body clearly. 
She is Patchy. :"(

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Destiny, she said (Patchy)

"Destiny is just a thing that can twist anytime but we are the ones who hold it with our hands, why should keep bothering each other? Get off from the computer and meet once in a lifetime, we will prove them wrong."

- Patchy

Patchy smiles

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Birthday and valentine's present

Febuary 13, 2012. I received the box in the afternoon. Patchy gave me the present, i was like... is this real? Haha. Because i have never received birthday and valentine's presents. So thank you so much baby!

Inside the box!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Crowded at the post office

Febuary 8, I am home and the present was posted. The post office was crowded as hell, and bad luck again when i was about to pay for the register post delivery, my money was not enough. I got only Rm10 in my wallet and the cost for the delivery is Rm20. So i went to the bank and came back again to pay the money. So, today's task is done.

Why i always face the obstacles when it comes to you?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


7/2/2012, Ouchh... I supposed to send her present today but i did not because the post office is closed due to public holiday! I was pissed when i was at the post office. SHIT!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The truth about Patchy

"Oh look, our love life is now spread out. Most of the people I know knows my story from Van. All of the things he have told you is correct. I am a Thai girl who once attempted to die on my-one-year-ago birthday but I failed. I am a Thai girl who also attempted to commit suicide by drinking poison and medicines. I am a Thai girl who surprisingly in love with a Malay who I have never met before. I am a Thai girl who always have arguments with the Malay because I am sometimes fucked up with my own brain since I think I have the split personality. I am also the most dramatic person he has ever seen but these elements create me. I am old enough to take any responsibility which might comes towards me in the future. If things do not work out with Van, I need to take responsibility for this. I will not leave him since I know he loves me so much. I will take the responsibility for leading him here in Thailand, for building his hopes and dreams, and for being his girlfriend who he has never met. I will never break my promises to him. If I break them, I hope hell will burn me alive." From Patchy.

What had happened to me and to Patchy is real and unbelievable. Our love story is way unbelievable to tell, but i guess you guys just have to believe it because i do not lie.

Meanwhile i just created Tumblr. This is my tumblr, and this is Patchy's Tumblr,   

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