Friday, February 17, 2012

I dreamed about you

Febuary 17, 2012. Today in the morning, I dreamed, Patchy are about to take a taxi to go to the concert. I was there and i got in the taxi at the back seat with her. She looked moody and she wore a shirt, shorts and tights. 

I said to her, "why are you wearing tights to the concert? You should wear proper clothes, because anything can happen in that wild and crowded place". She did not say anything. She were quiet and looked away. I asked her again, "why tights?" My left hand touched her left lap and i asked her again. "Why tights? You said you will wear legging." She did not answer and looked at the window. I pinched her lap and asked her the same question. She did not say a word. 

I was there staring at her and my hand was on her lap as the taxi on its way to the concert.

After i woke up, it feels so real. Because for the first time, i can see her face and her body clearly. 
She is Patchy. :"(

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