Tuesday, February 7, 2012


7/2/2012, Ouchh... I supposed to send her present today but i did not because the post office is closed due to public holiday! I was pissed when i was at the post office. SHIT!

When i wrote this blog post, i was at the internet cafe to upload a video (vlog) because my laptop has problem with youtube uploader. (What the heck I really do not know how to explain.)

My first birthday present on its from from Bangkok to Penang.
Oh about the present, i mean "presents". She has sent my birthday present. It is on its way to penang! Meanwhile her valentine's present is still here with me due to the public fucking holiday! i could not post the parcel! Stupid post office. (Pejabat pos malaysia)

Hmm i will post the parcel (her valantine's present) tomorrow on Febuary 8. 

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