Saturday, February 4, 2012

The truth about Patchy

"Oh look, our love life is now spread out. Most of the people I know knows my story from Van. All of the things he have told you is correct. I am a Thai girl who once attempted to die on my-one-year-ago birthday but I failed. I am a Thai girl who also attempted to commit suicide by drinking poison and medicines. I am a Thai girl who surprisingly in love with a Malay who I have never met before. I am a Thai girl who always have arguments with the Malay because I am sometimes fucked up with my own brain since I think I have the split personality. I am also the most dramatic person he has ever seen but these elements create me. I am old enough to take any responsibility which might comes towards me in the future. If things do not work out with Van, I need to take responsibility for this. I will not leave him since I know he loves me so much. I will take the responsibility for leading him here in Thailand, for building his hopes and dreams, and for being his girlfriend who he has never met. I will never break my promises to him. If I break them, I hope hell will burn me alive." From Patchy.

What had happened to me and to Patchy is real and unbelievable. Our love story is way unbelievable to tell, but i guess you guys just have to believe it because i do not lie.

Meanwhile i just created Tumblr. This is my tumblr, and this is Patchy's Tumblr,   

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