Monday, March 26, 2012

Don't hurt me, i just love you

March 26, 2012: Last night me and patchy had a big fight. You know i hate fighting. If you want me to end this relationship i will say No because i know you didn't mean it. Your Soul said no, so it just You without the soul. You were not the real Patchy. You speaked like you don't even know me. So my blood ran cold through my veins as i was affraid something bad will happen to us. (This is more terrified and horrified than words can tell)

P/s: i drew the cartoon yesterday at work. That is patchy cartoon version with her new hair.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The table lamp and her illness

March 17, 2012. Yesterday was 16th March, her mom went to the post office to take the parcel. Yes the table lamp i bought! So now she can read books in the dark or at night, thanks to the lamp. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

The accident

March 5, 2012. Our anniversarry, and she broke my heart so badly, again. I was so depressed and could not work. My boss asked me, "are you okay?". I said "yes" but actually i was not and started to think too much. What made her change her mind? All the lies are painfull. Because i really believe her and she always make me think about her all the time. I have to admit that i work in the factory because of her. Factory is not my style but yeah why not work there for the money. (factory, this is a bit out of topic sorry)

The wounds

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The table lamp

March 1, 2012: i went to the shop to buy the table lamp in the morning after seing her heart last night. She wanted to have a laptop. I cannot buy laptop now, but i can buy table lamp for her. She needs the table lamp since she is a reader. She always said to me she want the table lamp. So i think it is a good idea to make a surprise and yeah i bought the table lamp. 

A dream that came to life

Days ago i dreamed about her. If only i can remember the date, but it happened like two or three days ago in the morning. The first dream, i was at the canteen and she (Patchy) met me for the first time in Malaysia. I was there sitting and she came and sat with me. There were a group of men like five of them. One of them sat close to her and touched her shoulder and down to her breast. I was sad, pissed, and mad. I said something like "don't touch her!" in the dream. The rest of the men just laughed. I felt like i want to punch and beat the man down but i choose not too because violence is not my style. I grabbed her hand and walked away and sat far from the men but their voices can be heard so it was not that far.