Saturday, March 3, 2012

A dream that came to life

Days ago i dreamed about her. If only i can remember the date, but it happened like two or three days ago in the morning. The first dream, i was at the canteen and she (Patchy) met me for the first time in Malaysia. I was there sitting and she came and sat with me. There were a group of men like five of them. One of them sat close to her and touched her shoulder and down to her breast. I was sad, pissed, and mad. I said something like "don't touch her!" in the dream. The rest of the men just laughed. I felt like i want to punch and beat the man down but i choose not too because violence is not my style. I grabbed her hand and walked away and sat far from the men but their voices can be heard so it was not that far.

After that, i barely see her in the dream because she were missing. I was waiting for her to come to see me. She were gone somewhere i don't know and then i woke up. I was so sleepy and fell asleep after that.

We were laying down like this in the dream
The second dream happened in my house (living room). I dreamed she was laying down with me. We were making out (kissing). After that two dreams i dreamed, i got up and it was 11.30am.

So which dream that came to life? The answer is the first dream when she get touched by the man and the rest of the men just laughed. Last night i just saw a photo she get touched by a man and she was laughing. The photo hurts me so badly last night and forever because i cannot erase the photo from my head. It made me think, what if you were my wife and you let him touched you like that? 

Just  ask anyone, they will answer something like "it's gonna hurt me and my heart". It is normal to get hurt after seing that kind of photo. Though, it just a photo, but how about the rest of her time with that man? There would be more than just a photo can tell. 

All i care is her life, her dignity, her mom's feeling and her family. (And my future too). When i am trying to be good she said i break her heart, which i did not mean it. I am just hoping her the best, to love me as much as she can,  to be loyal to me, to care for her dignity and her mom's heart.

Take a rest Patchy. You have a fever, you need sleep and rest. Ask mom if you need anything.

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