Monday, March 5, 2012

The accident

March 5, 2012. Our anniversarry, and she broke my heart so badly, again. I was so depressed and could not work. My boss asked me, "are you okay?". I said "yes" but actually i was not and started to think too much. What made her change her mind? All the lies are painfull. Because i really believe her and she always make me think about her all the time. I have to admit that i work in the factory because of her. Factory is not my style but yeah why not work there for the money. (factory, this is a bit out of topic sorry)

The wounds

Okay now i was involved in a traffic accident! Actually i was trying to hit a car (to prove her i can die for her), but the car managed to avoid me, so i fell and hit the tree so hard. My head were like "bang!" and i was unconscious. I heard her voice whispering to my left ear and suddenly my eyes were about to open but the image was blur, i barely see people there and i was asking myself, "who am i", "how did this happen?", "is it because of a girl?". When my eyes were widely opened i saw people there. They were shouting at me and looking at me.

Only after the incident, she said she wants me. Oh baby, how can i believe you? But i can believe you baby because i love you. You are my girlfriend.

I don't want my wounds get healed by the lies, but i want it healed by your trully and sincerity love from your heart.




True blood

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