Saturday, March 3, 2012

The table lamp

March 1, 2012: i went to the shop to buy the table lamp in the morning after seing her heart last night. She wanted to have a laptop. I cannot buy laptop now, but i can buy table lamp for her. She needs the table lamp since she is a reader. She always said to me she want the table lamp. So i think it is a good idea to make a surprise and yeah i bought the table lamp. 

March 2, 2012: Boss called me to go to work at 11am. I could not be on time to work. Because i was at home busy wrapping this, and wrote a letter. After that i went to the post office, it was crowded and sent the item to the post office. I went to work at 1pm. I did not get to work on time, boss was mad but i said to him i have my own problem to settle. 

So... this what i call sacrifice.

The box
Sad envelope

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