Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I met her in June 13th

June 20th 2012, i am back in Malaysia. I cried so much this month and always think about her. I spent seven days from June 13th to 19th in Bangkok to meet my GF and we had a blast. I love her, and now i miss her so badly. 

The first time i saw her in the airport my mind was like "is this a dream?". The thing is this is our first time to meet in person because we have never met, only in dreams. So this is the power of love, and this proves something here that love is blind. If you cannot find love, love will find you. 

Days ago, I met her mom, grandmom and her cats at her house in Ramintra, Bangkok. I love her house, such a beautiful house. Her grandmom reminds me to my late grandmom, i love her. 

There is no one can replace Patchy, i swear it is true. I promise i will come back. Don't worry baby girl. <3

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